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Aiptek Pocket Cinema Product Range - Aiptek Story Book In Colour

Aiptek Pocket Cinema T15
Entry Level Pico Projector. PocketCinema T15 is a handheld-sized pico projector which is designed to use with external media players and mobile phones. Photos and videos will be projected in the ideal 16:9 picture format up to 127cm (50") picture size. So every movie or games night, alone or with friends, will be a great experience.

Aiptek Pocket Cinema T25
T20 is the new USB Pico Projector of the Aiptek Pocket Cinema series working directly with notebook or netbook PC. Its handhold and light-weight design provides especially business travellers a handy tool for presentations at any time and anywhere under proper projection distance and lighting envirenment. T25 makes your presentation special

Aiptek Pocket Cinema T30
iPod/iPhone Pico Projector - PocketCinema T30 allows you to connect external media players to project videos and pictures up to 165cm (65"). The pocket size design and the embeded rechargeable battery enables you to watch and share your favorite movies, music videos or photos at anytime and anywhere with your friends.

Aiptek Pocket Cinema V50
50Lumen WVGA Pico Projector with DLP Technology. MicroSD - USB PC connection - AV Connection. Up to an 80" screen.

Aiptek Pocket Cinema Z20
Similar to the Z20 with integrated HD Camcorder/Camera. This 3 In 1 solutions is a World's first in Pico Projectors. Projects from external media players incl, iPod/ iPhone*, mobile phone, camcorder, digital camera, DVD player or game console via AV jack. Uses LED technology with long lifetime more than 20.000 hours

Aiptek Mobile Cinema D10
"AS SEEN ON THE LATE LATE TOY SHOW". One of the most sought after Toys of Christmas 2009 the Aiptek Mobile Cinema D10 is a cinema for Kids. Project a 50" screen on a wall or ceiling, or bring it to a friends house to watch a movie. LAST STOCK REMAINING!!!!

Aiptek Pocket Cinema D20
The Aiptek Mobile Cinema D20 is a adult version of the Kids D10. Projects up to a 70" diagional screen in the correct lighting conditions. Play DVD's, CD, MP3's and Radio. The perfect all in one home entertainment system.


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